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Welcome to Mobile Animal Rehab Services

Animal rehabilitation is the application of physical therapy assessment and treatment techniques to your pet by a fully certified animal rehabilitation practitioner in your home. Animal rehabilitation can relieve pain, help with healing, restore range of motion and movement, improve overall function, and enhance your pet’s quality of life.  

What does Mobile Animal Rehab include?

  • Request veterinary referral to initiate rehabilitation assessment 

  • Completion of detailed initial assessment of your pet by a fully certified animal rehabilitation practitioner 

  • Set rehabilitation goals with you for your pet 

  • Develop a customized in-home treatment plan unique to your pet  

  • In-home treatment plan includes manual therapy, LASER, therapeutic exercise, owner education, and home exercise program 

  • Direct communications with veterinary teams throughout the rehabilitation program


Benefits of Animal Rehabilition

  • Supports pets of all ages and any stages and a variety of conditions 

  • Complimentary approach that works together with veterinary medicine

  • Decreases pain (acute and chronic) 

  • Increases recovery time from injury / post operative surgery 

  • Helps regain and maintain mobility 

  • Helps improve independence in senior dogs in their daily routines 

  • Provides mental stimulation and focus 

  • Helps with overall conditioning, weight loss and maintenance

  • Helps you understand ongoing needs to support your pet’s wellbeing 


Is your Pet ?

  • Recovering from a recent injury/surgery? 

  • Struggling to get off the floor or stairs? 

  • Slowing down in their movements generally and on walks? 

  • Showing signs of limb weakness?

  • Needing help with conditioning for agility and performance? 

  • Showing changes in behaviour due to pain? 

  • Putting on body weight? 

If yes, we can help. There is much we can do with our pets with animal rehabilitation and senior pets in particular can reap tremendous benefits.

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