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Common  Conditions & Benefits of Animal Rehab

common conditions

Animal rehabilitation can benefit almost all dogs and cats suffering from a chronic inflammatory disease or recovering from an injury or wound.


Common Conditions include: 


  • Acute and chronic pain 

  • Degenerative joint disease or arthritis 

  • Hip dysplasia

  • Elbow dysplasia

  • Deconditioning and obesity   

  • Muscle and tendon injuries (sprains / strains)

  • Post orthopedic surgery (cruciate repair, hip and elbow surgery, fracture, and amputation 

  • Neurological conditions (intervertebral disc disease, spinal injury) 

  • Conservative management of orthopedic conditions (medial luxating patella, partial cruciate rupture, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia) 

  • Conservative management of neurological conditions (disc disease, wobblers, degenerative myelopathy) 

  • Senior pets 

  • Fitness and conditioning 

Benefits of Mobile Animal Rehab Services   


  • Supports dogs and cats of all ages, any stages and with different types of conditions

  • Works with you in the convenience and comfort of your home to reduce fear and anxiety for your pet  

  • A holistic and complementary approach that works together with veterinary medicine

  • Decreases pain (acute and chronic) 

  • Decreases recovery time from injury / post operative surgery 

  • Helps regain and maintain mobility 

  • Helps improve independence in senior dogs in their daily routines 

  • Provides mental stimulation and focus 

  • Helps with overall conditioning, weight loss and maintenance

  • Helps you with practical changes and advice to support ongoing health needs in your pet  

  • Links you with other possible additional supports as required (braces, orthotics etc.)

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