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Patient of Laser Therapy at Mobile Animal Rehab

In the winter of 2022, during a particularly bad snowstorm, my 10 ½ year old dalmatian pulled his sartorius muscle (groin) and strained his iliopsoas muscle. He was having difficulty putting weight on the hind leg and was in a lot of pain. Took him to the vet where they prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug and pain medication. They also wanted to do a lot of costly tests. I decided because of his age, I didn’t want to go that route. I contacted Nicki to see if she could help him.   She did a thorough assessment of his leg and injury and worked with us with home exercises, manual therapy, and laser. After three treatments, he is running around the house again. Everyone I see on the street walking their dogs and I know their dog has an injury, I recommend that they contact Nicki to see if she can help.  I can’t sing her praises enough. 

Liz Weir

Senior dog receiving arthritis relief treatment

I rescued my little Mexican girl, Gracie through Hopeful Tails Dog Rescue. She was recovering from a very significant road traffic accident. We were not sure whether Gracie would walk again based on the extent of her injuries. We were introduced to Nicki who has changed Gracie’s life. We have been working with Nicki every two weeks and leveraging her expertise in therapeutic exercise, manual therapy and LASER, Gracie has surpassed our expectations and she is a dog again! We recommend Nicki without hesitation. 

Erin Sparks

Senior dog rehabilition from cruciate surgery

Following Hugo’s incurable degenerative disease, Nicki became his rehabilitation practitioner and worked with us to help us maintain Hugo’s strength, range of motion and overall quality of life. She helped us organize hydrotherapy and a wheelchair when his mobility deteriorated. Nicki came to our home regularly and Hugo was always excited to see and work with her. I was able to openly share with her our experiences and any of my concerns between visits. She supported us both with knowledge, caring and kindness until the end. Our journey would have been so much harder without Nicki with us every step of the way. 

Marilyn Blair

Dog recovers from surgery with Mobile Animal Rehab

Our aging dog Blue has had some mobility issues and Nicki has been a great help. Not only is she kind and gentle with him, she has been also great at working with us to explain what is going on with Blue as part of aging and providing us with some strategies and resources to help us maintain his mobility as much as possible. She is working with our veterinary team to ensure seamless continuity of care. We highly recommend her services to assist any senior pets to help preserve quality of life and loving care.

Lisa Silver

Vet Testimonial
Orchard Groove Animal Clinic

Our clients have been very pleased with Nicki’s services and care! She has proven to be committed to helping our patients and keeps an open line of communication with our veterinary team ensuring excellent continuity of care. Having Mobile Animal Rehab Services in the area will improve many pets’ lives.

Dr. Alex Sunarich and Dr. Erica Sunarich, Orchard Grove Animal Clinic, Toronto

Vet Testimonial
Eglinton Veterinary Facilities

We are very pleased to have Nicki’s rehab services available to our clients. The opportunity for pets and clients to get assistance in their home is obviously convenient, but beyond this, Nicki is professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Her commitment extends beyond the rehabilitation sessions, Nicki communicates well with referring vets, and she is able to educate clients on exercises and techniques to continue at home, empowering owners to be an active participant in their pet’s recovery

Dr. Beverley Bateman, Eglinton Veterinary Facilities, Toronto

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