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For Veterinarians

Mobile Animal Rehab Services is a mobile service in North Toronto that provides animal rehabilitation services for dogs and cats in their own homes with the owner present. 

Veterinarians will be asked to complete a Veterinary Referral Form before any assessment and rehabilitation services begin to ensure that we have your consent for the rehabilitation being provided along with any relevant medical, behavioral, or other pertinent information that may be beneficial as part of rehabilitation. 

At Mobile Animal Rehab Services, Nicki Cunningham is a fully certified animal rehabilitation practitioner as a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) and a rostered member of its Animal Rehabilitation Division (ARD). Nicki has over thirty years’ experience as registered physiotherapist through the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. Through the Animal Rehab Division, Nicki has achieved her Diploma in Canine Rehabilitation, a program that is focused on animal principles of anatomy, biomechanics, pathology, clinical conditions, common veterinary surgical and clinical interventions, handling skills and therapeutic assessment and treatment techniques in dogs. This program is recognized nationally and internationally for its certification in animal rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Mobile Animal Rehab Services holds liability insurance specific to the treatment of animal patients and will encourage direct communication with you as the referring veterinarian and in building a holistic and collaborative approach to achieving the best possible care outcomes for owners and pets.

After the completion of an initial assessment, a detailed report on assessment findings will be emailed over to you along with ongoing follow up reports as required as part of treatment planning.

Mobile Animal Rehab Services is committed to promoting patient safety and quality care throughout our practice in partnership with veterinarians, pet owners and animal patients.  Thank you for your referrals and we look forward to working with you and your patients.  Your input, feedback and suggestions will always be welcome and appreciated.

Benefits of Mobile Animal Rehab Services to your veterinary practice:

  • Access to a fully certified animal rehabilitation practitioner

  • Assessment services including the design and implementation of a treatment plan for animals requiring rehabilitation

  • A collaborative partnership and commitment in promoting the wellbeing and optimal outcome for our patients

  • Faster recovery time and positive outcomes following surgical intervention or injury

  • Enhanced client satisfaction

  • Direct communication between myself and your veterinary clinic or practice to ensure quality of care of your patients

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